We are murderers

September 1, 2010

I was saddened by the cabinet’s recent decision to give away part of Mabira Forest to sugar cane plantation owners.  Mabira Forest is the only standing forest in central Uganda.  It is home to diverse species of birds, mammals, and insects.  A few years ago there was a huge outcry when the cabinet made the same decision.  Now that people have quiet down, they are probably hoping their recent decision would not make much of a difference because people have other things to worry about: like the primary elections.

We’re murdering other species of living organisms.  I feel ashamed on behalf of my species, who’re self-centered and care only about our progress, our short-term happiness, and our welfare.  If we cannot live in harmony with Mother Nature, then we’re also setting ourselves up closer to our extinction.  Let us look at the history of our planet.  Look at the organisms that dominated during the Paleozoic or the Mesozoic.  Trilobites and the dinosaurs became extinct.  Why wouldn’t we?

While we rape and murder our planet, I’m grateful for those who sow and plant the seeds so all species have an equal chance of survival.  Meanwhile, I’m going to stop sitting on my glutes and staying depressed and getting in touch with Trees for the Future.

Trees for the Future @ http://www.plant-trees.org/

I am the earth.  You are the earth.  The Earth is dying.  You and I are murderers.  (Ymber Delecto)