68. Hand washing one’s laundry can be therapeutic (more practical where we’re).  It slows us down & allows us to do one thing at a time.

67. There is more to femininity than mere docility.  Assertiveness makes a woman strong.  One can also be polite and assertive.

66. Never give up on people.  You’re where you’re because a group of people (whether it’s your biological or non-biological family or the family you created/discovered) didn’t give up on you.

65. Change happens.  Eventually.  It may come in small ripples but those ripples are just as significant as the tides.

64. We all smile in the same language (Anonymous).

63. Make it a point to learn how to say hello & thank you in the local language of the region of the world you visit  even if your visit is short.  Greeting someone in their language is a great way to break ice and a doorway for the other person (& oneself) to remember our common humanity.

62. We have many things in common with other people around the world.  We can be equally self-centered and care about nothing but ourselves.  There are also ones among us who are capable of great love and selflessness.

61. It takes an hour to chop off a tree but it takes 10-100+ years to raise one.

60. Everyone (regardless of national origin, clothing, nationality, ethnicity, religious affiliations/lack of) has a basic right to be treated with politeness and courtesy.

59. Children may forget what you tell them but they never forget how you make them feel.

58. Using logic and reasoning (positive discipline) while disciplining a child is much more effective than physical, emotional, and psychologically damaging techniques that people use.

57. Science is a mirror that allows us to see & understand the greatness of the Love that encompasses the Universe.

56. Science shows what our hearts can’t see.

55. Always aim to have a balance between emotion and logical reasoning.

54. Stand up for your right (when it does more help than harm) because no one else will.

53. Running can be exhilarating.

52. Forgiving & forgetting are very different. You forgive, you move on; you forget, you err again.

51. Beware of the dangers of pain. It might be passed on for generations. Forgive oneself & others.

50. Love people like you have never been hurt before (Anonymous)

49. Love one another but make not a bond of love:

Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.

Fill each other’s cup but drink not from one cup.

Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf.

Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone,

Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music.

Give your hearts, but not into each other’s keeping.

For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts.

And stand together, yet not too near together:

For the pillars of the temple stand apart (Khalil Gibran on Marriage)

48. Deus est Amor. Amor vincit omnia.

47. God helps those who help themselves (Ben Franklin)

46. There’s the Universe in everyone.

45. If you teach someone a skill, then it changes his/her life forever. You give someone money, you take away his/her will to do.

44. Poverty makes people do desperate things.

43. The diversity among us adds wealth to our humanity.

42. We might not resemble one another, but we share common ancestors.  We’re one species.

41. Rome wasn’t build in a day. If you can check off a few things on the To Do list each day, then those accomplishments are worthwhile.

40. Having Mr. Safety in my life makes me take fewer risks–like drinking untreated water and fresh uncooked foods.

39. Having someone who loves you by your side makes adjusting to a new culture a lot easier.

38. Buying the screws can take a few hours after the greeting, the small talk, and the salesperson trying to convince you that you don’t need the screws.

37. Take care of your feet.  They take you far.

36. It takes a village to set up a home.

35. Finding bolts is a week’s work.

34. Heat stroke is possible under the moderate sun.

33. Limited income makes one creative.

32. Black hair turns one’s head into a furnace.

31. If you say “you don’t want to have children,” then there’s something wrong with you.

30. Beans are a lifesaver (yay! for fiber & protein).

29. Greetings are a very important part of interpersonal relationships.

28. Many people believe that Sparing the rod would spoil the child.

27. Insects are a cheap source of protein (yum! yum! white ants & grasshoppers).

26. Rolex’s (a chapatti & 2 eggs) the best fast food.

25. Sense of humor helps in any culture.

24. Be prepared.  It can rain anytime.

23. People love salt.

22. Matooke doesn’t taste like plaintains (even though I wish it did).

21. Life (temperature)on the equator can be moderate (Most of Uganda ranges from 1000-1400 m above sea level & has many lakes)

20. An average Ugandan woman has seven children.

19. It’s not uncommon for a non-Muslim Ugandan man to have more than one wife (A man with many wives suggest a certain status in Ugandan society even though that concept’s changing).

18. Ugandan children as young as four or five can carry a 20L jerry can while I struggle to carry a 5L jerry can.

17. Uganda’s a land of buckets & boda-bodas (motorbikes that PCV’s are forbidden to ride).

16. You’re a muzungu, so get used to (being called) it.

15. Don’t assume that someone who borrows money will ever repay it.

14. You’re judged by what you wear.

13. Flip-flops are acceptable in the pit-latrine and in the bathroom.

12. Negro isn’t an offensive word.

11. It’s healthy to be a little pudgy.

10. Pants=underwear; Trousers’s the acceptable term for slacks.

9. Don’t be surprised when people ask whether you eat chicken when you say you’re a vegetarian.

8. Some people believe President Barack Obama is an African.

7. Marriage is a union between two families.

6. One and half year old can use a sharp knife to peel cassava without hurting himself.

5. Tardy is the norm.

4. Every meeting starts with a prayer.

3. Every person who your Ugandan friend introduces as a brother, or a sister isn’t necessarily his/her biological sibling born from the same set of parents.

2. Pressure cooker makes life a lot easier when fuel is exorbitantly expensive.

1. One can live without electricity & running water, but life without Internet cuts you off with the rest of the world outside your village(yay! for internet cafes).


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