Reflections on my service

January 14, 2012

It’s been eight months since we left the Pearl.  I really miss Uganda.  I miss our host family.  I miss the beautiful birds.  I miss g-nut sauce.  I miss my counterpart and the people who supported my projects.  I miss going to schools reading to the kids.  I miss Peace the duck we adopted.  I miss the smell of jackfruit.  I miss seeing banana plants.  I miss the national parks.

When we left on April 22nd 2011 I couldn’t wait to get home.  I couldn’t wait for family and friends who I hadn’t seen in 27 months, running water, hot showers, be dust free, be in air conditioning when it gets really hot, better roads, walk on the streets without kids yelling out, “muzungu,” soy milk, tofu, my favorite restaurants, and running without any harassment.  Even if there were more serious things in Uganda that conflicted with my beliefs, I can’t wait to go back.  I really miss the country I called home for 27 months.

Right after new year’s day, Fractal and I called our host mom.  Hearing her voice brought back all the great memories.  I really hope our host mom is healthy and well when we get a chance to go back.  Her warm voice, welcoming heart, and open-mindedness are things I really value in her.

Now when I walk around in the heart o Atlanta, I wish I was in our quiet village.  Maybe, grass will always be greener on the other side.  When you’re here, you want to be there; when you’re there, you want to be somewhere else.  Regardless of what my heart pines for, I’m grateful for the time I spend in Uganda.  The lessons, my host family, the wonderful people who had our backs, the beautiful countryside, the positive and the negative experiences, the camaraderie, the different perspectives, everything.  Uganda, you taught me a lot that I’ll never forget in my life.  I hope I gave you something that was worthwhile as well.