“philosophical jaunts”

September 14, 2010

Due to the recent email from my brother about his limitations in reading my “philosophical jaunts,” I promised him that I would stay relatively level-headed and include the daily life events at my site.  I’m working on an entry about the All Volunteer Conference that was held in Kampala from Sept 2nd to 3rd.  I also have another entry in mind that I’ll work on about the initial work in starting up various clubs with my counterpart/s.   I’m a slow writer, so I appreciate every reader’s patience in the delay.  Hope you guys have an awesome week & thanks for taking the time to read my “jaunts” and thoughts.  A shout out to my brother for being honest with me & politely letting me know how he feels about my writing.  Thanks, bro! I love you & please I welcome polite & critical opinion about my writing.  Peace Out.


One Response to ““philosophical jaunts””

  1. Nate Bloss said

    Im a Peace Corps Volunteer in Namibia. Im about to finish my service here and we wanna do some traveling. We plan to be in Uganda some time after mid January. Were wondering if you could answer a few questions for us.

    We dont really know many people who have traveled up to Uganda, so we dont really have any leads.

    What are the best things to do in Uganda?

    How much are Visas? Is there any special process we need to know about when buying them?

    Generally how much do food and travel cost?

    Can you free hike, or is that too dangerous? If not what are the general forms of travel, combi, bus, trains, something else?

    Where are the best places to stay?

    What else should we know?

    How many volunteers are there?

    We would appreciate any help you could give us. Please write me back at natebloss@gmail.com if you have time.


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