Letter to the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism

August 14, 2010

PO Box ___
______, Uganda

Mr. Farouk Abd El Aziz Housny
Ministry of Tourism
Kit Kat, in front of Khaled Ibn El Waleed Mosque

Dear Mr. Housny:

I am a volunteer in Uganda who recently visited Cairo several days between June 13 and July 3, 2010. I am writing this letter due to some concerns that arose from my recent visit to Cairo.

While I was in Cairo, I visited the Great Pyramids in Giza and the pyramids in Saqqara, and Dashur. I was saddened when I saw the deplorable state of the Great Pyramids; the outer layer of the granite was stripped for local construction. The Great Pyramids are not only a national treasure, but also an international pride that remind us of the great civilization that existed thousands of years ago. I truly hope these spectacular edifices are restored, so future generations can admire the splendor of the past civilization.

In addition to the disappointing state of the Great Pyramids, the smell of ammonia and poor ventilation in one of the pyramids in Dashur sickened me. The ladder into the chamber was unsafe with inadequate width for climbing down. When I climbed out the pyramid, I noticed the vent that could provide some ventilation was broken. If these challenges were addressed, then people who come to visit would be in less distress and discomfort; addressing and mitigating these problems would encourage more visitors to visit these sites, which would also increase the revenue.

I sincerely hope you choose to take action and address the disintegration of the treasures of your country.

Thank you.


Visitor 2010


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