Sexual Harassment

August 2, 2010

Sexual harassment in a serious form of discrimination (violates Section VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in the US) that happens worldwide. Sexual harassment is commonly defined as unwanted sexual attention which include unwanted comments, inappropriate sexual advances, and unacceptable physical contact.

It affects both men and women even though in most cases reported (in the US) the victims are females. The victim doesn’t always have to be of the opposite sex and can also include people indirectly harassed (when they are offended) by the action or the comment. Even though the incidence of sexual harassment may not always be reported, it has many negative consequences; some of them include but not limited to increased conflict in the workplace, decreased job satisfaction, and lessened social support where the incident occurred. People who are sexually harassed may experience guilt, anger, shame, depression, and loss of confidence (

Sexual harassers tend to feel a sense of power over their victims. Regardless whether they find their victims attractive and make excuses about the causes of their poor judgment, sexual harassers are predators who feel entitled to act in a discriminatory manner.

Every one has a right to work in a healthy environment. Sexual harassers break the law. Their actions are unacceptable. The crime is a threat to civil society. In order to make the workplace a healthy working environment, both men and women should work together, recognize it as a crime, speak against it and take effective measures to stop the perpetrator continue his/her actions.


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