The World Citizen

August 8, 2009

This is my dream that one day I’ll have a passport that says just “Earth.” People of all colors join hands and live in peace and harmony.  Humans pledge allegiance to protect all other species and the planet.  No, I’m not high on any substance.  Of course, this is my personal opinion and not the opinion or belief of the Peace Corps.

I wonder if we teach our children the multifaceted human identity, then whether they could respectfully regard the similarities and the differences.

We are first and foremost, a human being.  Our gender, ethnicity, religion, and beliefs enrich our personality and being. We’re similar and dissimilar.  We don’t hide our differences but celebrate them.  Yet recognize that we’re one species.  We don’t all have to like each other.  We should be able to sit, listen, and talk.  Share ideas.  Hear out and absorb the new perspectives without feeling threatened by them.  We don’t have to put people in categories to understand them.  We listen to hear what they’re saying about their identity.

We can travel and live in regions outside our birthplace and come home with a mind free of prejudice.  With new understanding and a fresh look on life.  Or stay and become part of the new home/homes.  With more interactions with different people we realize our assumptions about people and strive to strip them away.  We work together, so one day all people can sit together at a table.   The world citizen.


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