Building Bridges

August 8, 2009

“Speak when you are angry–and you will make the best speech you’ll ever regret.” (Laurence J. Peter)

Many people are guilty of speech under the influence of ANGER.  On numerous occasions I’ve opened my mandible and allowed words to come out my mouth while my inhibitions were lowered under the influence of ANGER.  After  some time has passed, I would analyze the situation and the response till I feel I should be diagnosed with OCD.  In the end I would tell myself that I could have saved a few brain cells if I could just remember to slow my tongue before my cerebrum processed the consequences of the words.  Speaking under the influence of anger is like trying to walk while one’s drunk.

On the other hand, choosing one’s words carefully requires tact and forethought.   While a person is infuriated, if there’s something that could remind him/her of the dire consequences of words or actions, so the impulsiveness to respond is delayed, then perhaps we can avoid burning bridges.

Using fewer sharp words aid in the building bridges among various people around the planet.  Back home in the USA, people take special pride in making direct comments.  Comments that tell another exactly how they feel.  Well, maybe, too direct.  The directness in sharing one’s opinions, beliefs, or feelings is not appreciated in every culture in the world.  People in these parts use caution to avoid breaking bridges.  Perhaps that’s something one needs in every relationship: professional or personal.  Relationships are not forever, so perhaps we need to take care of them like we should maintain a nation’s bridges.


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