There’s no place like home

June 12, 2009

June 12, 2009

Having lived outside the US, moving to a different corner is not a new experience. Assimilating to a new culture in the company of a family member makes those few frustrating times a lot bearable.  When the matatu driver slyly assured us that the taxi was directly going to our destination, I was glad Fractal was beside me while  it took several detours to get more passengers before actually leaving for our destination.

Although not particularly homesick, I miss aromatic odors of my mother’s Palak Paneer; at the same time, I enjoy the time inventing the new culinary creations while experimenting with spices available in F-town.  I was glad to discover sooner that the Tropical Island spice specialists put the same mixture of spices while packaging their Italian spices even though they marketed them as Rubbed Basil, Oregano, and Mixed Spices.  If I weren’t in Uganda, then I probably would never have tried making chapatis again after almost resigning from making jaw breaking chapatis a year ago.  After that futile attempt, I wasn’t sure I could make palatable chapatis.  Necessity is indeed the teacher of many things.

When Dr. SuperProfessor from our university visited us in F-town, he came bearing gifts,  wishes and hugs from home.  Spending a day with a friend from home and others he brought was like drinking a good cup of coffee while relaxing in a hammock.  The kind-hearted professor brought us the sort of things that make life easier, so living in the village is more enjoyable.  The things that remind us of home–the conveniences  we left behind that we took for granted.  Like children during holiday time, we were crouched on the floor browsing through goodies that our families send.  The stuff reminded us of the kinda families we have.  The type of family that drops everything, goes on scavenger hunts and gets the stuff on a short notice.

Not too long ago leaving home was once an important goal in my life.  I just couldn’t wait to leave familiar things and learn new things.  Spending hours dreaming about exploring the many corners of the world now seem quixotic, but encountering novel ways just seem more appealing.  Now that our four-month anniversary of leaving the USA is in couple of days, I’m discovering something: there’s no place like home.


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