April Fools Day

April 13, 2009

Less than two weeks to go before the end of training.  We were pretty close to losing our site because we played a joke on some of the trainers and the country director on April Fools’. We told them that we were expecting a child. Our Ugandan trainers were pretty excited about it and hugged us. Our country director, on the other hand, was clearly not happy to hear we were “expecting” a child. We asked him whether we could still stay (Peace Corps Uganda medically separates pregnant female volunteers due to possible malaria infection and effect of the malarial prophylaxis on the fetus) and he was trying hard to figure something out. The pain of our good news was so clear on his face that I couldn’t hold the truth any longer. After he figured out it was a April Fools’ joke, he  joked that we were getting a hut in the middle of nowhere. After a training session, our country director got back at us by congratulating our group on the new member who was arriving in 9 months. He added that we played a joke on him, but the joke was really on Fractal.  He said that I came to him and told him that I was still pregnant, but the baby wasn’t Fractal”s.  We deserved the comeback.

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