January 30, 2009

January 30, 2009

I finally sent off my paper.  We’ve just two more weeks.  We got to move.  I’m sitting here in the midst of boxes.  In a few days, we’ll give this desk (where I’m sitting at) away, pack the computers away, load the beds, move the multitude of boxes filled with books, gadgets either to my in-laws’, or my parents’ house.  This’ll be a big move for us.  We can take only eighty pounds (about 2 check-in each), but we’ve filled up 6 already.  We’ll have just 4 suitcases of stuff that will remind us of home.  I’m going to miss driving a car, getting together with family, and meeting up with friends.  I find myself e-mailing people and trying to get together in the time we’ve left.  So much do in so little time.


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